To Fizz Or Not To Fizz: (2/18/10)

I have started the Music Bizz Fizz blog in answer to my many friends suggesting that I should “write the book” about my experiences in the music business over these many years.  Upon exploring the many stories that I have, I am not sure exactly how they all fit together!  And in thinking about them, I am always reminded of the many stories that so many of my old friends and associates have about the music business and the amazing experience we have all had working with some of the most prominent, successful, and unique talent in the last half century of contemporary music.

My thought is to write a story.  And then write another one.  And another one.  I’m just going to see where it goes!

Hopefully, I’ll get a little feedback.  Maybe some of my old friends will weigh in with some recollections of their own or comment on mine.  I might toss out some questions and see if we can get a dialogue going on a topic or two.

Since it is my blog, I’m going to steer the discussion.  It’s too easy to get off on too many topics.  And at this stage of life there are too many memories and potential to digress.  I’ve been digressing for years.

I hope you will read along and enjoy my Forest Gump experience in this business!  It has been enormously fun.  The opportunity to work with people on the business side as well as the creative side has been nothing short of unbelievable.  I don’t know what else I could have done in this life and enjoyed it so much.

With that said, there have been huge challenges.  There have been many, many artists who just didn’t get or make the breaks.

I believe there are lessons in these memories.  Hopefully someone can gain something from those 16-18-20 hour days.  The thousands of shows.  Hundreds of music videos and albums.  We worked on album covers, TV spots, print ads, radio spots, press campaigns, sales plans, convention presentations, and and on.  We held the artists hands.  We argued with the managers.  We spent a lot of money.  And some big names came out of it.

Be patient with me.  My memory isn’t necessarily that indelible.  Sometimes the students of history have a better angle on it than those who lived it.  I certainly lived some of it.  I hope I won’t be too prejudiced in my recollections.

My best,

Dan Beck

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