…I lived in the heart of the old school music industry for many years.  I hardly slept for decades.  Afraid I’d miss something.  The characters.  The incredibly talented.  The bravado.  The fear.  The screw ups.  The unimaginable successes.  The logistics.  The planning and strategies.  The parties.  The album cover shoots.  The spending. The incessant travel.  The video shoots.  The pressing plants.  The truckloads of vinyl and CDs.  The #1’s.  The gold.  The platinum.  The hype.  The bullshit.  The unending meetings. 

I’ve got stories.  We all do.  I don’t know what to do with them, so I’m going to put some of them here. 

Hopefully, I’ll hear from some old friends and colleagues who will refresh my memories, add to them, and correct my misguided recollections.  Maybe they will tell me some better stories that I can pass along…

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