From The Mail Bag: Luther Vandross

Luther / DanFrom Billy Bass, who had one of the most successful experiences as Luther’s manager:

“Dan, Great idea and good writing. it was a pleasure working with you particularly on the "Power of Love” tour and album. Luther, Sinbad and the “Sounds of Blackness played every major city in America and Europe and it was a lot of fun.”

From Ron McCarrell, who was head of Marketing at Epic and my boss for several years:

“Great idea for a blog, Dan.

I remember first hearing Luther on a 12” single by a group called Change – the song was titled The Glow Of Love. Paris Ely turned me me on to it.  Then just a year or so later he joined us at Epic for the beginning of a great, albeit tragically short solo career.  Dr. Don and I presented Luther with a gold record plaque for sales of 500K+ of his debut album, Never Too Much, at the Savoy Theater in NYC.“

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